Gold Card Adventures
Gold Card Adventures is a project by British artist Ellie Harrison.

From 23 September 2002 until 23 September 2003 Ellie recorded the distance of all the journeys she made travelling across London using tubes, trains and buses.
Gold Card Adventures began when Ellie started a year long Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in New Cross. Living in her hometown of Ealing meant that each day she undertook a lengthy commute from West London (W13) to South East London (SE14).

At the start of the course, Ellie purchased an annual travelcard called a Gold Card in order to make these journeys. Ellie was convinced that her time spent commuting should not be without benefit. She decided to document all the journeys that she made and calculate an ongoing cumulative distance that she travelled.

She began marking stages of the cumulative journey as visits to target destinations all around the world. As the year passed Gold Card Adventures developed into an imaginary challenge to visit as many places as she could. She collected postcards from locations visited as a record of their increasing distance from London.

After a year commuting across London Ellie had travelled over an amazing 9210 kilometres. That is as far as travelling from Ealing to Shanghai in China!

The obsessive documentational approach of Gold Card Adventures follows the style of an earlier project by Ellie Harrison called Eat 22, for which she photographed everything she ate for one year. Ellie’s continued interest in the documentation of everyday routine is developed further in her curatorial project Day-to-Day Data -
a national touring exhibition which launched at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham in July 2005 and toured to Danielle Arnaud contemporary art, London in March 2006.