Gold Card Adventures
The long-awaited exhibition of Gold Card Adventures was presented by Platform for Art at Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, London. The exhibition took place from 17 January - 21 March 2005.

To advertise the exhibition bright pink promotional posters were placed in each of the 275 station on the Underground network in January - February 2005. Fifty of these posters are now available for sale, signed by the artist.

Piccadilly Circus Underground Station - Ticket Hall
Ticket Hall photo: Tamsin Dillon
Piccadilly Circus Underground Station - Exit Subway 2
Exit Subway 2 photo: Tamsin Dillon

The exhibition was located in the ticket hall and exit subway 2 of the Underground station. The exhibited work was a series of large scale posters showing imitation postcards from an exciting range of target destinations reached during Gold Card Adventures. The reverse of the postcards were shown with a note of the dates the different distances were reached en route.

Twenty of these images were displayed at the Underground station. The exhibition can still be seen on this website where these twenty postcards, plus an additional eight bonus images can be viewed along with the full list of every tube, train and bus journey made during the one year project.

Displaying Gold Card Adventures in Piccadilly Circus Underground Station re-connected the fantasy element of the project with the real experience of travelling in London.

Platform for Art is the public art programme for London Underground. More details can be found in the Press Release.