Gold Card Adventures
To advertise the Gold Card Adventures exhibition, a bright pink promotional poster was placed in each of the 275 stations on the Underground network in January - February 2005.

Ellie thought about visiting all these stations to photograph all 275 of the posters in their different locations as a 'Mini Challenge' to promote the exhibition. She had seen a similar challenge on the television completed in around 18 hours so thought it would be easily possible. It then suddenly occurred to her that the challenge reported had not actually involved stopping and getting out at each station, but merely travelling through. After a quick recalculation Ellie discovered that it could actually take her nearly a week! Ellie swiftly decided against the idea, believing she had already spent enough of her life sat on tube trains.

Fifty of these promotional posters are now available for sale, signed by the artist. The posters measure 63.5 x 101.5 cm

Only £5 GBP
With FREE postage in the UK!

Piccadilly Circus Underground Station - Exit Subway 2
Poster in Exit Subway 2, Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus Underground Station - Platform 1
Poster on Platform 1, Piccadilly Circus
Ealing Broadway Station - Platform 6
Poster on Platform 6, Ealing Broadway