Gold Card Adventures
Here you can find out some frivolous and inconsequential information about the Gold Card Adventures project.

You can start by learning how Ellie recorded all the journeys for Gold Card Adventures...

Ellie produced a daily log of all the journeys she made in a notebook, which she carried everywhere with her. She jotted down the tube lines and bus numbers she used as she travelled about.

Then at home, she meticulously traced these journeys on a scale map of the tube routes (for tubes and trains) or in the A to Z (for buses) using a map measurer or ‘mini trundle wheel’ borrowed from her sister.

She then put all the information into a spreadsheet on her computer. You can view the full list of all the journeys made on this website.

There are two additional sections of Trivia for you to peruse:

Gold Card Adventures Travel Statistics

Review of the year 22 September 2002 - 23 September 2003

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